Marine veteran Vaughn: responsibilities matter

Mark Wilson
Richard Vaughn

Glen Rose’s newest City Council member Richard Vaughn seems like a straightforward kind of man, and maybe that comes from being a captain in the Marine Corps and the son of a Navy pilot.

Vaughn’s wife, Cindy, is retired from the Air Force. Vaughn has two daughters.

In describing his basic philosophy, Vaughn said, “People in general are more concerned with their rights than they are with their responsibilities.”

After Rhonda Hawthorne submitted her resignation from the City Council, Vaughn was appointed to fill the position by a 3-1 vote. He was sworn in by City Secretary Stephenie Ritchie on Aug. 20. The other members of the five-seat City Council are Chris Bryant, Julia Douglas, Johnny Martin and Jack Johnson.

In the aftermath of being appointed to the council, Vaughn said he wants to work for “the betterment of the city, and work as a part of a good team. I do not have a specific agenda. I just want to look at being part of anything the team can do to benefit the citizens of the city.”

Vaughn, 73, was born in Hamilton, but the family moved around a lot because his father, Richard Glenn Vaughn, was a career military man who fought in both World War II and Korea. Among the places Vaughn has lived are Japan, Hawaii, California, Virginia, Florida, Colorado and New Jersey.

Vaughn served in the Marines from 1968-1980 after graduating from Texas A&M as a member of the Aggies' Corps of Cadets. He entered the Marines as a member of the infantry with a rank of second lieutenant, and headed straight to Viet Nam for his first duty.

Vaughn was promoted to captain after his stint overseas. After leaving the Marines, Vaughn worked in the business world as a commercial logistics management field supervisor. Then he spent 11-1/2 years as a contract investigator for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Vaughn had been living in Fort Worth until moving to Glen Rose three years ago. He is captain of the color guard for the American Legion Post 462 in Glen Rose.