Expo Center served as warming station during cold spell

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
The Somervell County Expo Center is currently serving as a warming station.

GLEN ROSE — Due to freezing temperatures and anticipated below-zero temperatures in the evenings and overnight for the next few days, Somervell County has set up a continuous warming station at the Somervell County Expo Center, and Judge Danny Chambers said it will remain open until temperatures climb.

Anyone experiencing extended power outages can go there to warm up, get snacks or spend the night.

“We've got blankets and cots,” Chambers said. “All they have to do is really just show up and lay down as long as they don't have some kind of emergency medical issue or condition.”

The Expo Center, located at 202 E. Bo Gibbs, opened to individuals on Monday night, and Chambers said three people stayed overnight but many more came in, grabbed a snack and warmed up before leaving. On Tuesday night, 24 people stayed.

Animals are welcome, if they are crated, he said.

“We’re gonna try to keep it going through Thursday,” he said. “Once the temperature gets up above freezing, we'll probably shut it down.”

Chambers said three volunteers and Somervell County Sheriff’s Deputies were onsite all night to assist in any way. Local businesses provided food for those in need at the Expo Center.

“I’ve never seen minus 2 in Glen Rose, Texas, in my lifetime, and I hope I never see it again,” Chambers said.

The county isn’t the only entity to step up, however. Several inns and hotels have allowed people with power issues to stay at little or no cost, and some are even providing food. At least one other business left its doors open overnight so people could use it as a place to warm up. Churches have also opened their doors for warming stations.

Residents on Facebook are also putting out needs for essentials because they have no power or water, or frozen or broken pipes. Some people in the city and county experienced rolling blackouts to help preserve power.

Residents also asked for updates on road conditions and even help getting pulled out of the snow from the side of the road, and other residents are answering the call.

Glen Rose ISD canceled classes and all extracurricular activities on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Temperatures were in the mid-teens on Wednesday and were expected to get above freezing on Thursday, while on Friday and Saturday, temperatures were expected to get up to around 50.