Monthly sales tax allocation continues upward trend

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
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GLEN ROSE — Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar distributed $1.05 billion in local sales tax allocations to cities, counties, transit systems and special district taxing districts earlier this month, a 0.7% increase over February 2020.

The city of Glen Rose received $168,437.23 in February, representing an increase of 41.51% over the previous year.

“The number is phenomenal,” Glen Rose City Administrator Michael Leamons said. “I don't know how to explain it as it is so much higher than anything we have seen in the past two years. In fact, one has to go back to 2008 and 2009, the heydays of the natural gas boom, to find an amount that high.”

The February allocation is based on sales made in December by businesses reporting tax monthly; quarter filers for October, November and December; and the 2020 sales of businesses that report once a year.

“I am surprised by the increase,” Leamons said. “Last year, I was surprised by the decreases in January and February. Our largest decreases occurred before COVID-19 became an issue.”

To date, the city has received $278,152.16, and that is an increase of 36.79% over the same time period from last year. At this point last year, the city had received $203,329.26.

In 2008, the city brought in $1,513,320.30, while in 2009, it brought in $1,210,062.39. This year is on pace to rival those years.

By comparison, Hico is up 4.33% for the year, Stephenville is up 31.31%; Granbury is up 10.63%; and Cleburne is up 4.70%.