Chambers urging county residents to report damage

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
County Judge Danny Chambers

GLEN ROSE — The horrendous winter weather conditions late last month left many people without power, food and water, and now many are also facing massive bills from damage caused by burst pipes and other problems caused by the storms.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has created a quick and self-reporting tool at for people to report their damage, and as of last week, Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers said only 19 people had filed their damages.

“I need everybody that has had any kind of damage to go either on the Somervell County website or TDEM's website and fill out the survey and upload the damage because we have not reached the plateau yet,” Chambers said.

The clock is ticking as well.

Chambers said he had been told that county residents have about two more weeks remaining to report their damage, and if there isn’t enough damage reported, the county won’t get aid.

Chambers said Somervell County has been submitted to Gov. Greg Abbott to be added to the FEMA list, but so far, it hasn’t been added to it either.

Chambers said he wasn’t told what the threshold was, but he thinks the county can reach it, if residents report it.

“People are asking me why I'm not doing more for them, but it is one of those deals I can't do it for them,” Chambers said. “They have to upload their damage or get someone to help them upload their damage.”

The county has used its communication system as well as reached out to the schools and the city for help on getting the word out. It has also had information spread on the radio.

“Until we reach whatever that level is of damage, we will not get individual assistance,” Chambers said.