Damaged floor at Tiger Arena to be replaced

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter
Crews recently completed the demolition of the old floor at Tiger Arena that suffered major water damage during the freezing temperatures earlier this year.

GLEN ROSE — The floor in Glen Rose ISD’s Tiger Arena was not set to receive a major overhaul this year with new graphics and new lines, but the storms that hit the county in late February and early March caused major damage to the floor, and now it will be replaced.

According to GRISD Assistant Superintendent of Operations Tommy Corcoran, the lines of an outside water faucet, which ran through the ceiling of the arena, broke during the weeklong freezing temperatures, sending water inside the walls and eventually out on and under the court.

At first, Corcoran said, they thought the water only got under a quarter of the court, but after further inspection, it was under almost three-quarters, and the district’s insurance company chose to replace it at the cost of just less than $140,000 instead of repairing it.

“We thought we had gotten it all, but we didn't get to it in time in the equipment rooms and it went down to the concrete under the floor,” he said.

The first game was played in Tiger Arena in January of 2012, and the only work that had been done on the floor was the yearly oil-based refinishing.

The old floor has been removed, showing the cement floor. Corcoran said the new floor will be delivered, he hopes, in the next 7-14 days. Once it arrives, however, it must sit and become acclimated to the building for two weeks before it’s installed. Once installation begins, it will take anywhere from 25-40 days to complete with artwork and all. Corcoran said they are shooting to have it completed before school ends.

Corcoran said the district is reviewing several graphic designs for the new court. He said it will have a big state of Texas in the middle similar to that at United Supermarkets Arena at Texas Tech University with a big GR, and the court itself will be two-toned with darks and lights, and red lines. He said it will most like say Glen Rose in either base-line, but it has yet to be determined.