Leamons: Mayor proclaims April 21 as ‘Peggy Busch Day’

Michael Leamons
Glen Rose City Administrator
Glen Rose City Administrator Michael Leamons

During Mayor Pam Miller’s first three terms in office (2004-10), she had the pleasure of working with City Secretary Peggy Busch, who retired a few years after the end of Miller’s third term.

On more than one occasion during Miller’s fourth term, Busch’s name has come up when discussing the city’s strong financial position. Busch was careful with the taxpayers’ dollars, helping several councils lay-up surplus revenues for a rainy day.

With Busch having retired in 2012, it’s a little late in coming, but Miller wants to make sure that the former city secretary receives recognition for her accomplishments.

“I really appreciate her hard work and all she did for the city,” Miller said.

What better way to show that appreciation than by proclaiming April 21, which is National Professional Administrator’s Day, as Peggy Busch Day?

Miller will be hosting a reception for Busch at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13, at City Hall, just prior to the regular City Council Meeting.

Please plan to stop by and congratulate Busch for a job well done.

Busch first went to work for the city on Oct. 5, 1988. She was promoted to city secretary on Feb. 18, 1997, continuing in that position until retiring in November 2012.

Busch worked for the city for 24 years, serving as city secretary for almost 15 years.  She continues to help the city part-time as an election judge.

Busch succeeded Marcieta Hancock, who was city secretary for 14 years. City secretaries following Busch haven’t put in near the years of service that she and Hancock did. Since Busch’s retirement, there have been four city secretaries and one interim city secretary, with all of them except for current city secretary Stephanie Ritchie serving from 1-2 years.

Ritchie is now past the 2 1/2-year mark, and she worked four years for the city prior to becoming city secretary. It’s a real challenge, but hopefully Ritchie will follow in Hancock and Busch’s footsteps and continue to serve the city for many years to come.

The years of high turnover were hard on the city. There was one incident involving theft, and the books ended up in a mess. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of Deputy City Secretary Rosario Sosol and CPA Brenda James, the bookkeeping has improved significantly.

This past January, the city received a clean audit, the first in almost a decade. Sosol, who started working for the city in 2010 and was initially trained by Busch, was promoted to deputy city secretary and began keeping the city’s books at the same time Ritchie was appointed city secretary. Like Busch, Sosol keeps a sharp eye on the city’s finances.