Spring 4-H competition season wraps up

Jordan Voges

The rise of temperature’s reminds us of the completion of a busy 4-H Spring Competition season. Somervell County 4-H members have seen a hard year, but pushed through every time.

Many of the kids participate in both 4-H and FFA for stock shows. We wanted to take a moment to recognize these kids that competed in the Major Stock Show circuit.

Aiden Sanchez, Grand Champion Dairy, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Ashlynne Conner, 1st place at Bosque
Carly Rosson, Market Goat, San Angelo Stock Show
Dixie Snodgrass, 2nd place at Rodeo Austin
Eli Woodruff, 3rd place Shorthorn Heifer, Cowgirls in Cowtown
Paul Hayes, V & Ainslea Hays, both 1st place at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Also, pictured is Kohl Hayes, Clover Kid
Hoyt Dempsey, Market Goat at San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo
Participants L to R: Dixie Snodgrass, Ainslea Hayes, Helen Hauptman and Paul Snodgrass
Liam Miller, 4th place Public Speaking at San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo. He also competed at San Antonio Livestock Show
Payton Alexander placed 1st with her heifer at the Mississippi Youth Expo
Stevie Martinez, 8th place Wether Doe at San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo

• Eli Woodruff received 10th place with his Shorthorn heifer.

• Dixie Snodgrass received fourth at Cowgirls in Cowtown with her Red Angus heifer.

• Ainslea Hayes received first with her Brahman heifer at the United Livestock Show and placed sixth in Livestock Judging at the Patriot Livestock Show.

• Ashlynne Conner received 11th with her Black Angus heifer at Cowgirls in Cowtown and sixth place at San Antonio Livestock Show.

• Payton Alexander received second and third at Heart of Texas and the United Show, second at Cowgrils in Cowtown, second at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and second at Rodeo Austin with her heifers.

• Rylee Mills competed at The Patriot with her steer.

Not only do 4-H kids compete in stock shows, but they also take on a multitude of other contests that help develop leadership skill and teamwork. This year we had four kids compete at the District 8 Livestock Judging Contest.

The junior team placed eighth overall, fourth place in beef, sixth place in swine and seventh place in sheep and goat. Member Ainslea Hayes placed 10th overall as an individual, 20th at Beef, 16th in swine and fourth for sheep and goat. Helen Hauptman placed 35th overall, 26th in beef, 15th in swine and 35th in sheep and goat. Paul Hayes placed 20th overall, 14th in beef, 33rd in swine and 10th in sheep and goat. Dixie Snodgrass competed as an individual in the Intermediate division and placed 23rd overall, 27th in beef, 23rd in swine and 42nd in sheep and goat.

Leaders 4 Life team members, from left, Liam Miller, Charlie Outen, Dixie Snodgrass and Payton Alexander, 5th place team.
Leaders 4 Life team members L to R: Ainslea Hayes, Paul Hayes, Kirstyn Wilson and Cora Miller, 4th place team.

Leaders 4 Life

Leaders 4 Life is a contest that allows the kids to explore parliamentary procedure and their leadership skills. These teams were led by Patty Snodgrass and practiced weekly to improve their skills. They have one chance to show off their skills at the District 8 L4L contest.

Cadey Mikulenka, Intermediate member,  won Champion honors.
Jackson Miller, Senior member, received 2 Red ribbons and 1 Blue ribbon
Julianne DeLay, Senior member, received 1 Red ribbon and 1 Blue ribbon and 2 White ribbons
Photo by Natalyn Dugle, Senior member, received a Blue ribbon.
Kirstyn Wilson, junior member received two red and one white ribbon in District Photography
Photo by Payton Alexander, Intermediate member, received Reserve Champion
Photo by River Yates, Intermediate member, received 2 Red ribbons and 1 white ribbon

4-H Photography

Photography is a fun project that allows members to explore their creativity and enhance their skills. Kids submit pictures to be judged at county and those winners advance to District in a variety of categories.

Cora Miller, First Place in Poetry/Prose in Share-the-Fun

District 8 Roundup

District 8 Round Up is held every year and consists of public speaking events and Share-the-Fun, which is like a talent show. Liam Miller placed second with his gardening speech, Ainslea Hayes placed fourth with her Brahman speech and Paul Hayes V placed fifth with his vaccinations speech.

Landon Cooke placed 9th in the senior division at the State Indoor Archery Shoot
Kirstyn Wilson placed 11th in First time Junior at the State Indoor Archery Tournament
Creedence Hankins Placed 4th in the State Indoor Archery Shoot in the Senior Division

State indoor archery

The State Indoor Archery Tournament is a platform for our amazing archers to show their skills. These 4-H members practice multiple times a week with each other and by themselves. Archery coaches Wayson Conner and Christy Wilson (club manager) and participants' parents lead these kids to success at their contests.

River Yates competed in a Statewide Virtual Bass Fishing Skill-a-thon.
River Yates’ big bass was 18.5 inches and listed at 4.10 lbs.

Bass Fishing Skill-a-thon

River Yates competed in a Statewide Virtual Bass Fishing Skill-a-thon. With the ability to compete in up to three events and fish their favorite spot. He was able to tune into daily Skill-a-thon sessions for a week such as Cooking with Bass, Fishing Safety and Visit with the Game Warden. He competed at the State level as an intermediate member and placed 76th and placed 8th in District 8.

The Pink Food Mingos placed first at the District 8 Contest. Pictured from left are Caitlyn Frush, Kali Paxton and Kinley Reynolds. They are coached by Pam Reynolds.
The Simmer Sisters placed second at the District 8 Contest. Pictured from left are Charlie Outen, Cadey Mikulenka, Kennedy Graue and Sophia Veno. They are coached by Shannon Outen.

Food Challenge

Food Challenge is an event that normally takes place in the Fall, however, lets be honest, nothing about this year has been normal. After cancellation due to COVID-19, the teams were unsure if they were going to compete. Luckily, they got the chance to show off not only their cooking skills, but also their communication skills and knowledge of food and nutrition. In this contest the participants do not know what category they will compete in or what food will be available. They are given a key ingredient and a limited pantry to prep, cook and create a presentation in 40 minutes over the nutrition benefits and food safety of their dish. This contest can be compared to the Food Network show “Chopped” and is a whirlwind of fun.

This summer will see many more great opportunities for our members, whether it be camps at the local or state level, Breed Association competitions, or Record Book contests at the county, district, and, hopefully, state level. Each one puts 110% of themselves into their projects on top of everything else they do through school, church, and other organizations. Juggling sports, animals, 4-H, FFA, Dance and a multitude of other extracurriculars they always manage to come out on top.

As proud as we are of their success in contests, we are prouder of the people they are becoming. Their personal growth in leadership and teamwork is noticeable each passing day. 4-H teaches members to develop their skills but also develop a love for helping others through community service. Each member plays an integral part of this 4-H program’s success and we look forward to many more achievements in the future.

Outgoing officers of Glen Rose 4-H Club lead the pledges at a meeting. Officers, from left, are Secretary Jeffrey Morris, Reporter Ainslea Hayes, President Jackson Miller, Vice-President Dixie Snodgrass, Treasurer Charlie Outen and Parliamentarian Payton Alexander.
Outgoing officers of the Glen Rose 4-H shooting sports.