Williams hopes book helps fathers, sons traverse life

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — When Michael Brandon Williams’ two boys were heading off to college, he was hit with panic and angst that he hadn’t done enough to prepare them for the real world.

Business, church and other activities were pulling him in so many directions, and admittedly, he failed to focus on what was most important.

"The Trail in the Woods" by Michael Brandon Williams.

“I hadn’t taught them the things I should have. I prioritized the wrong things. I didn’t spend time where I should have spent more time,” he said.

In an effort to help other fathers not fall into the same trap he did, Williams wrote a book, “The Trail in the Woods” for fathers to use as “a gift of wisdom to sons as they travel the woods of this life.”

Williams officially launched the book via Facebook Live earlier this week, and he’s hosting a book-signing on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon at 100 Progress St. in Glen Rose.

“Our heart behind the book is that many guys, including myself, did not receive, that fatherly wisdom,” he said. “I received some and count myself blessed to have it, but if you have kids, you feel painfully inadequate in some things.”

Using scripture, movie references, poems and good old common sense, Williams helps teach morals and virtues that will help young men as they develop faith and become believers of God.

“Nothing can replace the word of God, but ‘The Trail in the Woods’ is designed to point men to the only resource that answers the question: ‘Who am I, and what must I know as I daily enter the woods of this life?’” said Williams on the back cover of the book. “Equal parts literary and earthy, this book engages both the academic as well as the outdoorsman in all of us while directing us to the best reference on manhood the world has ever known — its Creator.”

The book is just fewer than 100 pages and is thought-provoking because it follows a workbook-type format where readers can record their thoughts and fears as they ingest the book.

Some of the chapters talk about preparation for each day; becoming stewards of money; avoiding traps of the enemy; how to be healed of sin; accepting victory and your best identity; taming the tongue; and how to build value in this life and the next, just to name a few.

“When kids leave the home and are now having their own experiences, they can’t do surrogate spirituality. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves,” he said.

In addition to the spiritual aspect of the book, Williams teaches the temporal as well like how to sharpen a knife; make a fire; build a shelter; identifying animal tracks; and recognizing which snakes are poisonous, among other practical skills.

“‘The Trail in the Woods’ is a gift to all sons, a culmination of lessons learned of the woods as a backdrop for God’s Word, both in exaltations and warnings, to men,” Williams wrote.

Williams, who is currently serving as an elder with StoneWater Church, along with his wife Molly, also founded Many Mansions charity that focuses on helping widows, orphans and single moms.