2% county sales tax increase on November ballot

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — In addition to eight State of Texas Propositions, the Nov. 2 election will have a proposition from Somervell County.

Two candidates are vying to fill the unexpired term for Monroe mayor.

The sample ballot reads: “Authorizing the creation of the Somervell County Assistance District and the imposition of a sales tax and use tax at the rate of 2 percent for the purpose of financing the operations of the district.”

As a precursor to the election and to help county residents understand what that means, the county posted a letter on its social media pages, and Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers and all the county commissioners dipped into their private pockets to send out a letter to all county residents explaining the proposition.

“The wording on the ballot can be confusing when it discusses the creation of a Somervell County Assistance District. This is strictly a 2 percent increase to sales tax within the unincorporated area of Somervell County and does not affect property taxes in any way," the letter reads.

The letter also states that should the proposition pass, the county and the city of Glen Rose would have the same sales tax rate of 8.25%.

The county is currently at 6.25%.

“This increase will allow tourism to benefit Somervell County by providing an additional revenue stream to support County services while visiting the attractions in unincorporated Somervell County. The purpose of this is to help relieve the burden of our residents while helping to offset the cost of providing the level one service that our community has grown to expect.”

Chambers said should the proposition pass, it could bring in an additional $250,000 to $300,000 in revenue to the county.

“If they try to take the time to research and read, or take the little bit we gave them and dive down into and research it, they can find how this is going to benefit them and the county,” Chambers said.

He said the additional funds would go to the construction, maintenance, and improvement of roads and highways; law enforcement and detention services; library, museum, parks and other recreational facilities maintenance; services that benefit the public welfare, including the provision of firefighting and fire prevention services; and tourism and economic development.

“Our tax dollars, as the state clamps down on us, and the value of the plant is always in question, then this 2% sales tax will be added to everyone that travels through this county,” he said.

The letter concludes: “We encourage all of our Somervell County residents to get out and vote this November, helping us to serve the citizens in our amazing and beautiful community. Please consider voting YES for the 2% increase on County Sales Tax.”