Freas, Walker elected; County sales tax increase passes

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — The ballots have been counted, and two new Glen Rose city council members have been elected.

Unofficially, George Freas received a total of 184 votes to lock up one seat, while TJ Walker received 131 votes to garner the second seat in Tuesday’s election.

Two candidates are vying to fill the unexpired term for Monroe mayor.

Walker earned just 10 more votes than Richard Vaughn (121) while Lesley Jameson received just 30 votes.

Freas received 81 votes during early voting and 103 on Election Day, while Walker received 76 votes during early voting and 55 on Election Day. Vaughn earned 65 votes during early voting and 56 on Election Day, while Jameson received 16 during early voting and 14 on Election Day.

The results become official when the council canvasses the votes, and that is set for Monday at 4 p.m. at Glen Rose City Hall.

Freas served as the mayor of Glen Rose from 1993-95, and this will be the first stint for Walker on the council.

One of the two seats was open when Dennis Moore resigned in May, and the second was the seat of councilperson Julia Douglas, who was elected mayor in May.

Proposition 1, which asked for a for or against vote for the sale of alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages, passed with 241 for votes to 67 against votes.

Also, Somervell County Proposition A that was asking for the sales tax rate in the county to be raised from 6.25% to 8.25% to be equal to the city of Glen Rose passed with 590 for votes and 523 against votes.