Glen Rose goes over record $1.6M in sales tax allocation

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — For the first time in history, the City of Glen Rose went over $1.6 million in sales tax allocation.

Earlier this month, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar sent the city $142,862.07 in sales tax allocation, bringing the city’s final total for the year to $1,640,193.11, breaking the old record of just over $1.5 million established in 2008.

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“I believe our numbers were good in 2020, in spite of COVID-19, because local residents cut back on out-of-town shopping and did more of it locally. I suspect multiple factors contributed to 2021 being a record-breaking year for sales tax collections,” Glen Rose City Administrator Michael Leamons said.

Leamons said near record-breaking attendance at Big Rocks, new restaurants in the area and the 7-Eleven convenience store as contributing factors to the historic year, as well as the state’s changes on how sales tax is collected on internet sales. He said more sales tax revenue is being allocated to where a customer lives than to where the business that makes the internet sale is located.

“It certainly is good for the city and city property owners when sales tax revenues are high,” he said. “That means there is less reliance on property tax revenue and property tax rates can be kept under control.”

It was a mere formality that the city would set the new record needing just over $15,000 in December to establish the new mark.

December’s monthly figure was 6.47% more than what the city received this month last year ($134,172.50), and the final number is 23.78% higher than 2020 when the city received the final total of $1,325,034.51. The December allocation also marked the 20th consecutive month that the city has received $100,000 or more. In April 2020, the city received $76,319.92.

Glen Rose’s December allocation was around 12 percent less than what the state saw in December. This month’s figure of $936 million that Hegar sent to cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts is 18.4% more than December 2020. The allocations are based on sales made in October by businesses reporting monthly.

By comparison, Cleburne was at 15.83% percent increase over December 2020, while Granbury was at 12.09% and Stephenville and Hico were are 11.57% and 8.97%, respectively.