Run-off election to be held for Precinct 2

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — There will be a run-off election for Precinct 2 for Somervell County Commissioner.

When the votes were tallied Tuesday night, incumbent Dwayne Johnson received 284 votes and Richard Talavera received 282 votes, while Norm Planer received just 40 votes.


Because Johnson didn’t receive more than 50% of the votes in the three-person race, there will be a run-off election in May for the Republican place on the ballot for the November election.

In the race for commissioner for Precinct 4, incumbent Wade Bush received a total of 343 votes to Randall Bozarth’s 239 to earn the place on the ballot for the November election.

Johnson received 150 votes during early voting to Talavera’s 148, and Talavera received 133 on Election Day and Johnson received 132. Johnson had two votes via absentee ballot and Talavera had one.

In other races: Danny L. Chambers, county judge, (1,812); Michelle Reynolds, county clerk (1,797); Susanne Graves, county treasurer (1,762); Virginia Dickson, district clerk (1,753); Ronnie Webb, justice of the peace Precincts 1&2 (949); Scott May, justice of the peace Precinct 3&4 (890).

There are currently no Democrat opponents on the November ballot, but possible candidates have until August to file as a write-in candidate.

There are 6,846 total registered voters in Somervell County 983 (14.36%) voted in the primary election.