GRISD will require proof of residency beginning in 2022-23

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, Glen Rose ISD has announced that all students will be required to prove their residency in Somervell County during the registration process.

Glen Rose ISD Superintendent Dr. Trig Overbo said the protocol is in preparation for the growth the county is expected to see in the next few years.


“We just felt like it was a good time to do that and just to make sure all our current students are living within school boundaries,” he said.

Overbo also said the district will not be accepting any new transfers next year.

He knows the policy may be the cause for consternation for some.

“We apologize for any inconvenience,” he said. “Hopefully, everyone understands the purpose behind it.”

Current students who live outside the boundaries, Overbo said, will have their circumstances reviewed individually prior to the 2022-23 school year, if they want to return to Glen Rose ISD.

“We want what’s in the best interest of the students so we will do that on a case-by-case basis,” he said. “This is to prepare for some future growth.”

According to the district’s website, acceptable forms of documentation are water, gas or electric bills.

Zonda, a company that assesses growth in areas and what affects it could have on school districts, recently reported manageable growth figures ranging anywhere from 4% to as low as 2.2% growth in each of the next 10 years for Glen Rose ISD. By 2031, the enrollment projection for GRISD is 2,748. Currently, the district enrollment is right around 2,000.

Zonda is predicting that 2024-25 will see a 4% increase, which is the highest increase in the 10-year span. The report indicates 2.8% growth 2023-24, and 2.2% in 2031-32. The figures in the remaining seven years range from 3%-3.6%.