SCSC, GRISD team up to teach water safety, other skills

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — The Somervell County Safety Coalition in partnership with Glen Rose ISD held Water/Summer Safety Day at Glen Rose Elementary School last week where children were taught ways to stay safe and healthy while enjoying summer activities.

“Kids are naturally curious and are eager to discover the world around them. We don’t want to hold them back in their exploration but help guide and empower them to know how to navigate their big adventures,” said presenter Tracy Brown, who is the owner of Radiant Swim School.

Dinosaur Valley State Park rangers Zach Riggs and Carolanne Brannon teach the students to know B4 they go.

Those adventures, she said, could be anything from hiking; floating in the river; looking for dinosaur prints; learning about plants, trees and animals; or swimming at Big Rocks, Wheeler Branch; or boating at Lake Granbury. And while doing each of those activities, safety is paramount.

“Somervell County citizens, neighbors, friends, first responders, teachers, businesses and community leaders are all sharing their unique gifts and talents which makes our community strong, healthy and radiant,” she said.

At the event, Dinosaur Valley State Park Rangers helped students to know B4 they go: get permission; be aware; and bring a buddy.

The Somervell County Fire Department and the Brazos River Authority discussed the importance of boating safety and wearing life jackets.

The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office taught about 911 safety and whom to call in an emergency.

Tiffany Oates, NP, right, at Glen Rose Medical Center, and Kelsey Rose, medical assistant at Glen Rose Medical Center, teach the students about the importance of staying hydrated and using sunscreen.

Dr. Josie Lopez, Kelsey Rose and Tiffany Oats, FNO, from Glen Rose Medical Center taught the importance of staying hydrated and using sunscreen.

Radiant Swim School and Stewey the Duck talked about the importance of having a water watcher anytime children are around water.

“It says it’s a healthy, shared value relationship that knows the importance of modeling community from one generation to next,” Brown said of the relationship between the SCSC and GRISD. “GRISD, and specifically GRES leadership and staff, not only speak the message of valuing all citizens but demonstrate through their actions that even the youngest Somervell County citizens are valued members of the community.”

Also as part of the event, GRES held a school-wide water safety art contest with one winner from each grade level. The winners (won a life jacket; Radiant Swim School T-shirt; a toy donated by Zimmerman-Kubota; and a $10 gift certificate from Shoo-fly Soda Shop.

All school staff dressed up in summer fun costumes and the winning teacher (Pam Mason) won gift certificates donated by Dairy Queen and Grounded Coffee. A drawing was also held for a free week of swim lessons by RSS (Kai Jones and Dani Jones).

Also assisting in the day: Asa Vermeulen, assistant superintendent of Dinosaur Valley State Park and co-founder of the Somervell County Safety Coalition; Kyle Lewis, Brazos River Authority; Jeff Davis, DCSP superintendent; Somervell County Sheriff Alan West; SomeRvell County Fire Chief Brian Jones; Megan Pankhurst, EMT, Somervell County Fire Department; Maci Sowder, Somervell County Fire Department; Maddison Huse, RSS outreach specialist; Amina Allaeva, Uzbekistan exchange student; Alice Renaud, France exchange student; Marley Vermeulen, art judge; Tessa Ciecko, RSS outreach specialist and GRES teacher; and Teresa Morris, GRES counselor.