Candidates, ballot positions set for May election

Jay Hinton
Glen Rose Reporter

GLEN ROSE — In May, current Glen Rose city council member Julia Douglas will become the new mayor.

Earlier this year, Douglas and Michael Jones filed to be on the May ballot for mayor. Because Jones took his name off the ballot, Douglas is running unopposed and will be mayor.

The question now, however, is how will the Glen Rose City Council chose to fill her vacated council seat. The council has three options: appoint someone; call a special election; or leave the seat vacant.

“I inform and remind them of their options under the law,” Glen Rose City Administrator Michael Leamons said. “If the seat is left vacant and a second vacancy occurs, then a special election becomes mandatory.”

Leamons said should the council decide to appoint someone to the vacant position, the law provides no process for determining who is appointed. Should the council decide to make an appointment, a nomination or nominations would be made by a member or members of the council and a vote would be taken.

Often, Leamons said, city board members are considered because they are individuals who have demonstrated an interest in participating in civic affairs.

“Usually, councils appoint replacements rather than calling a special election,” Leamons said. “In my 12-plus years in city government, I don't recall a council ever calling for a special election to fill a vacancy.”

If the council opts for a special election, it would occur in November and would cost taxpayers roughly $12,000 to conduct.

Should the council choose to leave the seat vacant, it could cause problems down the road,  if another vacancy on the council occur.

“If the city were to end up with two council seats vacant at the same time, it creates a problem in that there are not enough members to conduct a special-called meeting, as four council members are required for a quorum for a special-called meeting,” Leamons said.

It could also cause a problem with passing the annual budget, he added.

In the race for two open city council seats on the May ballot, current council members Johnny Martin and Chip Joslin filed, as well as Dee Conrad and current mayor Pam Miller, who chose to run for a council seat instead of re-election as mayor.

The city held a drawing for places on the ballot and Martin will be listed first, followed by Miller, Conrad and Joslin.