Happy new day

Tammy Ammon
Tammy Ammon

I’m a consummate list maker. Heck, even my lists have lists. To be fair, I come by this trait honestly, as my momma is probably one of the most organized people I know.

So as we go into 2017, you might imagine that I’m in full on list mode. But the truth is, a list of New Year’s resolutions always baffles me. Of course, I could, like most folks, add the usual suspects – eat less, exercise more. But that also brings out my recovering perfectionist side. The moment I miss a workout or a piece of chocolate just throws itself into my mouth, my brain screams epic fail.

One of my dearest pals subscribes to the notion of a theme. He picks a theme for the year, like adventure, and focuses his efforts on making progress against it. I’ve always admired that, and even tried it, but once I get past January and a couple of journal entries, it’s c’est la vie to the theme.

Which brings me to Cowboy, a.k.a. my better half. He’s not big on holidays of any kind, never has been. And while at first that might make you go, “Awe, shucks. Really?”  I’ve come to love this about him.

He’s been known to say, “Why focus on <fill in the holiday of your choice>, when you can experience love/gifts/joy all year round. What would you rather?”

So that got me thinking about New Year’s and a way to do a little something to mark the occasion that would help me to truly just live in the moment. Enter the vision board.

While I had never done one before, I had heard about them from friends and usually equated them to grand things you’d like to accomplish in life, like buying a house or a job promotion.

I didn’t read up on how to do them or take a class, which is monumental for this girl who loves to know how before she makes her first move. Instead, I just bought a frame, scrapbook paper, stickers, and started picking through my magazine stash and clipping out words, phrases, and pictures that meant something to me.

What I was thinking about as I snipped, arranged, and glued was cultivating the vision for the life I wanted to live this year. Loving Cowboy and this farmgirl life I get to live. Writing more stories, crafting, cooking, digging in the dirt. Sharing moments and treasuring those special friends that I hold close in my heart. Giving back, paying it forward, and being a woman of faith and grace. It’s the everyday little moments.

Sometimes the new year does not need to bring monumental change, but rather a reminder to live the lives we were meant to live each day.

As Cowboy would say, happy new day.

P.S. To view my vision board or get a list of supplies to make your own, just hop on over to my blog at www.myfarmtasticlife.com.

Tammy Ammon is a Somervell County resident, blogger, farmgirl, wife and mom to a gaggle of fur-kids. She shares her rarely graceful, sometimes challenging, and always hilarious farm life on her blog. Contact her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myfarmtasticlife.