No need for kennels

Tammy Ammon
Tammy Ammon

First things first, I don't write about politics. I was recently told I should, and let the record show, that's not my cup of tea. I don't talk about which side I am on, because I'm not much for taking sides.  End of story. But I do love to write about the critters, and I'm always amazed at what we can learn from our critter friends.

 All of my life, I've had friends of all kinds who hold all manner of views - some far left, some far right, some sitting in the middle, and some clear off the reservation in their own little world.  But the fact is that I love them all - as my fellow human beings.

Folks have a right to their views, and I respect that.  As long as you don't force your views on me, I'm even willing to have a nice discussion.  I've always loved to learn what makes people tick.  (And yes, some of us tick to the rhythm of a cuckoo clock.)

But let’s get back to the critters. You see, the critters at the farm all have to learn to live together.  We've got cats and dogs, and we don't separate them or kennel them.  We've got mares and geldings (that’s girl and boy horses for my city friends), and we don't tell them who's boss or how to share or which one is better at this or that. We let them figure it out. And, miracle of miracles, they do just fine. 

Now don't get me wrong, every once in awhile someone hisses or kicks or bites, but it's temporary.  They made their point, and they move on.  We could learn a thing or two from our wiser four-legged counterparts.

We could all use a little more politeness and kindness these days, especially when it comes to the crazy world of politics.  And it doesn’t hurt to remember that all of our friends don't always see things the way we do. Honestly, isn't that a blessing? I mean how boring would my life be if all my friends were just like me? Lord knows, one of me is enough.

So while it's probably not realistic to ask everyone to keep their commentary to themselves, before we go posting and spouting our political point of view for the entire world to hear, it wouldn’t hurt to stop and ask ourselves, “Is this really necessary? Is it kind? Does this help my friends truly see my point of view, and am I open to hearing theirs?”  We can be true to ourselves and still be kind.

And in this era of social media, no matter your side, let's keep it civil. Now, I know every once in while there will be some hissing, kicking, and biting, but keep it to a minimum.  Because, at the end of the day, we all have to live and work together, and no one wants to be put in a kennel.

Tammy Ammon is a Somervell County resident, blogger, farmgirl, wife, and mom to a gaggle of fur-kids. She shares her rarely graceful, sometimes challenging, and always hilarious farm life on her blog – myfartmasticlife.com. Contact her on Facebook atfacebook.com/myfarmtasticlife.