Glen Rose blooms for a newcomer

Special to the Reporter by Penny Sharp
Hope Jones, daughter of local veterinarian Mike Jones, welcomes newcomers Rachel(center) and Chloe(left) while kayaking at Wheeler Branch Reservoir.

When I first pulled into town, I was given a copy of the Glen Rose Reporter and couldn’t help but to notice the outpour of recognition for humanitarian efforts as well as the positive articles for the community to take note of. As a profession, I’ve worked in the newspaper industry for almost 12 years and this paper stood out to me. Whether it’s a front page story about Cassie Niedziela qualifying in Headline Writing at the Academic State level or an article by Josh Harville with the assistance of Dr. Mike Jones, DVM on venom vaccines to save lives, Glen Rose breathes community, in turn, helping the community breathe easier themselves.

I’d like to share a few of my experiences from a newcomer’s perspective. A couple weeks after my arrival to Glen Rose, I was referred to a quaint bookstore in town, Storybook Café, for a business meeting. The meeting was scheduled for 3pm, which were closing hours, unbeknownst to me; however, we were both warmly invited in and offered a cold glass of sweet iced tea - as well as all the time we needed to complete our meeting. The owner, Story invited us back for lunch or anytime for that matter. Story has a passion for customer service, and the cafe provides its visitors the relaxation of picking up an older book to enjoy the smell and feel of the pages turning. I immediately felt a sense of ease when I entered and will definitely be returning.

While Glen Rose may be well known for its both remarkable and historical Dinosaur artifacts and evidence, as well as the education it brings; have you walked bare-footed, feeling the nature in the flat rock formations on the bottoms of your feet in search of actual dinosaur tracks? As a newcomer, one word can describe how my family and I felt. That word being amazing. My children quickly replied enthusiastically, "are those real” and “wow mom, you can actually see three toes and they are huge!”. Shortly after this adventure we found clear water consumed with flat rocks for the kids to enjoy as their swimming hole. Occasional waterfalls and currents bring even more beauty to the Flat Rock areas which are located throughout the community.

This town, the people, right down to Rebecca at the local pharmacy, has brought me back to so many great memories as a child with its simplistic ambiances and straight southern hospitality. Thank you, Glen Rose, for bringing me back to the “good ole’ days”. All while I accompany my daughter, Chloe’, as adventurous as she is, as she begins to harvest memories of her own to hold dearly. She will point out to me each and every subtle place we pass that she has already visited and thoroughly enjoyed. We stroll through town from Jonesboro, with Fossil Rim on our right and the State Park on our left.

It is funny how watching our children gain memories of their own can bring to life so many for ourselves that we once wore on our sleeves. So whether you have relocated here or whether this town is where your roots were soiled, enjoy the little things that Glen Rose has to offer. In most cases you will be revisited by the reason as why you settled here in the first place. As you read, I would almost bet my lunch at the local Riverhouse Grill that it is bringing you back as well. In lieu of the Riverhouse Grill, please, you must try the Key Lime dessert they offer. It is excellent! Thank you again for sharing your town with a newcomer.