The sun, the water and hope

Tammy Ammon
Tammy Ammon

August showed us the best of humanity, and through tears of joy and sorrow, it has offered us hope. We so desperately need hope.  We need to believe in the goodness of the human spirit, in what unites us all - our raw, deep down humanity, our will to survive and thrive.

We saw people lining up, camping, and gazing skyward in unity at the beauty and wonder of the eclipse.  Caught up in the awe of nature, of science, of God's creation. We saw people launching boats in streets swollen with water to rescue strangers, animal lovers showing up from far and wide to make room for displaced critters, and people around the world donating in ways big and small to help those in South Texas with hurricane Harvey.  It’s these images that give us hope.

Admittedly, during the days that Hurricane Harvey would just not moving along, this Texas farmgirl was glued to the news, continually checking on friends in Houston as they waited and watched.  I did my best to go through the workdays, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think about all that is truly important in life.

When disasters and tragedies strike, we are reminded of our humanity - the very best parts of it.  The parts that put others before ourselves. The parts that put more value on the living than on their stuff. The parts that just can’t sit still when we see a need, so we spring into action to help our neighbors.   

There are countless folks in our very own community doing all they can to help the hurricane survivors.  From our amazing first responders serving on strike teams and becoming the fire department for a town who no longer has one.  To people gathering supplies and funds for folks who have made it to Glen Rose as a safe harbor.  To people hauling back loads of horses from the floods, bathing and doctoring and getting them put back together.

The human spirit is alive and well.  And when I look around this little town that we’ve come to love to so very much, my breath catches in my chest as little with gratefulness.  Yes, it’s a beautiful and charming place to live, with the rolling hills, gentle rivers, and quaint downtown.  But it’s not just the scenery, it’s the people.

What’s I’ve come to know about Glen Rose is that when challenges arise, whether big or small, folks roll up their sleeves and meet them head on.  I’ve watched the town rally around children with cancer, have benefit concerts for folks in need, collect clothes and household goods for a family that lost everything in a fire, stop on the side of the road to help a broken down motorist or simply try to help a wayward cow back into the fence.  It’s in the DNA of our town.

It’s these stories and these moments where we find the very best that we are.  This recovery for our Texas neighbors is going to be a long one.  And no doubt there will be a million more moments to lend a hand along the way. 

So in these challenging times, let us share the beautiful stories.  Let us link our hands with our neighbors in comfort and solidarity.  Let us remember that there is far more good than evil in this world.  Let us be grateful for our town and its people, and  may we we all reach out where we can and continue to show the spirit of Glen Rose, the spirit of hope.

Tammy Ammon is a Somervell County resident, blogger, farmgirl, wife, and mom to a gaggle of fur-kids. She shares her rarely graceful, sometimes challenging, and always hilarious farm life on her blog – Contact her via email at