Letter to the Editor

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Glen Rose Reporter

Ray Reynolds of GRMC recently discussed plans, at the Budget and Finance Committee meeting of June 26, 2015, to add 2 more clinics outside the Somervell County Hospital district, including one in a private gated community at Decordova. The board also voted to increase space at Pecan Family Medical Center at the Aug 3, 2015 full board meeting, which is in private gated community, according to their own website, Pecan Plantation in Hood County. The board declined to pursue getting an attorney general opinion as to whether it is legal to spend taxpayer money in another defined hospital district; however, since they did acknowledge they should get an interlocal/intergovernmental agreement, this seems to me a tacit admission that the clinic plans in a different district are inappropriate without legal permission. Reminder that Hood County residents pay no hospital district taxes because of the contractual arrangement with private, for-profit hospital Lake Granbury Medical Center (this is according to the Hood County appraisal district and a verification call I had with LGMC CEO recently) . If it is the right thing to spend tax money and resources for the benefit of a different district and in particular for convenience clinics in gated communities, why is the board so reluctant to get a Texas Attorney General opinion or aggressively ensure there is a legal intergovernmental agreement with Hood County’s hospital district done first before (as of the meeting of August 3, 2015) , probably, raising taxes for Somervell residents? Also, why is there anyone at a Director level at the hospital who pled guilty in May to a 3rd degree felony for stealing over 55 thousand dollars from a church (Case # 249-00846 at the Somervell County clerk's office, State of Texas vs Elizabeth A Morgan) . Liz Morgan is Director of Human Information Management as well as HIPAA officer, thus deals with private and senstive patient data. Where is the accountability from Somervell County Hospital District for the taxpayers that live here and want to have a responsible, ethical hospital to use? If you feel as I do, please call the elected board members to let them know.

Deb Harper

Glen Rose