Letter: Good job, parents

Glen Rose Reporter

I would like to thank the parents and the people of Glen Rose for having raised such fine kids.

I attended the Class of 2021 graduation last Friday, and it was the best I have ever attended. I was so proud of my kids because most of them were not afraid to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gifts he has given to them.

The talks valedictorian Jenna White and salutatorian Ashlynn Perry gave were the best I have ever heard. Both of them made sure that all that they have came from God. It takes courage in this day and time to make statements like that.

A lot of people say that the kids of today are going to the dogs, and the reason they say that is because they have not met my kids of the Class of 2021 of Glen Rose High School.

The world is in good hands because my kids will see to it.

Aaron Cranford (Mr. C)/Glen Rose