Letter: A big ‘thank you’ to Glen Rose

Glen Rose Reporter

It is my pleasure to thank the people of Glen Rose for the support they give to the Optimist Club’s “Cow Patty Bingo” every year. The money that comes from this effort goes to award five $500 scholarships to the students from the senior class of that year. The winners of the scholarships have been selected by their teachers and officers of the club.

The Optimist Club’s main goal is to support the students of Glen Rose schools in hopes that they will become good citizens in all of their endeavors. Those who have received these scholarships in the past have become people of which Glen Rose can be proud.

If there are any of you who would like to become a member of the Optimist Club, whose only goal is to support the students of Glen Rose ISD, we invite you to join us. We meet at 7 a.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at the Senior Citizen Center.

Come and join us and become someone who wants to help our kids. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the meetings and become a “Cow Patty Bingo” salesman.

Aaron Cranford "Mr. C"/Glen Rose