Letter: Thankful for Tiger Relays staff, volunteers

Glen Rose Reporter

I would like to thank all the people who did such a great job in putting on the Tiger Relays last Thursday night. Coach Watkins and his staff and all the volunteers who worked to make the meet go like clockwork.

I was so proud of the young men who were hurdle setters. They did an excellent job. Whoever was in charge of them needs to get a pat on the back. I have been to some of the biggest track meets in the country and I would put the group that worked Thursday night right up against any of them.

I would think you have good hand-eye coordination just to try to be a timer or picker of a track meet. It is almost impossible to pick someone who is just an inch in front of someone and time is one-tenth of a second difference in time to determine who is the winner.

The people who worked the field events did a great job of getting the heights and distances of their events.

There could not be a track meet without the coaches and teams that come to the meet. Thanks for taking the time and effort to bring your teams to the Tiger Relays. I hope that you will make the effort to come back next year.

I also want to thank the people who worked the concession stands that support our teams. Last but not least, the people of Glen Rose and Somervell County for providing our students with the facilities that we all enjoy. We should all count our many blessings for them.

Aaron Cranford “Mr. C”/Glen Rose