Woman injured in fatal crash returns to Glen Rose

Mark Wilson
Lola Dale Ray, the Glen Rose resident who had been in critical condition after she and her daughter Lisa Vara were struck by a vehicle on May 18, is pictured while she was still recovering in Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. She is a great aunt of Candace Gentry, the woman pictured at left.

Lola Dale Ray, the woman who was critically injured when she and her daughter, Lisa Ann Vara, were struck by a vehicle while trying to walk across U.S. Highway 67 in Glen Rose on May 18, was released from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth Tuesday afternoon.

Lisa Vara, 31, of Glen Rose, was pronounced dead at the hospital that afternoon after she and her mother were both flown there by air ambulance following the accident.

Candace Gentry told the Glen Rose Reporter that Ray, 56, a resident of Glen Rose, has been transferred to Glen Rose Nursing and Rehab, where her husband, Joe Vara Sr., resides. Ray is a great aunt of Gentry, who is children’s minister at Calvary Family Church in the Oak Trail Shores area near Granbury. She is the wife of that church’s pastor, Joshua Gentry.

Candace Gentry said in a text message to the newspaper that, although Lola Ray’s left arm could not be saved, her survival was a miracle from God.

“God has truly saved her very life!” Gentry wrote. “The surgeon spoke to us and gave us a moment by moment since her arrival at Harris Intensive Care. He said very plainly, she was actively dying … there was massive internal bleeding and they couldn’t find where the bleed was. They were forced to close her up and they didn’t know if she would live through the night.

“But so many people prayed the prayer of faith believing that God would heal her and Lola miraculously kept breathing! The surgeon said that was unbelievable.”

Since that day, her amazing recovery has continued, Gentry stated.

“She has made huge leaps and bounds recovering every single day,” she wrote. “They tried with multiple surgeries to save her left arm, but there was just too much bone and muscle loss to save it, so unfortunately they amputated her arm.

“The surgeon said the amputation would mean she could go back to Glen Rose Nursing and Rehab to recover (Tuesday, June 9). Her husband, Joe, has been a resident there for quite some time and all of the staff and residents and other residents’ families all know Lola very well and they are ready to have her home finally.”

Gentry concluded, “It was all God, that saved her life.”

Ray and her daughter Lisa were attempting to walk across Highway 67 from a convenience store back to where they were staying, at Glen Rose Inn & Suites. They were both struck by a pickup that was driving in the eastbound lane, between Hereford Street and Spanish Oak Trail, according to DPS Information Officer Ricky Hunter.