Gibson: There is plenty to explore out our own back door

Staff Writer
Glen Rose Reporter
Kristen Gibson

By Kristen Gibson

Convention & Visitors Bureau Director

Welcome to our first segment on local Glen Rose “Travel.” Explorers are welcome and highly encouraged here! We’re hoping to encourage all of Glen Rose to become expert tourists in your own city. We are so excited to take this journey with you to #ExploreGlenRose through a local “visitor’s” eyes, and enjoy all of the amazing sights, sounds, tastes and adventures that Glen Rose has to offer. So, prepare to get off the couch and explore with us.

The Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau is located in the downtown square, on the corner with the blinking light. I love sharing these directions with our visitors  (and locals) because it says so much about who we are.

Welcoming the daytrippers and stay-trippers to our amazing little oasis from everyday pressures is what we do on a daily basis. Slowing down the pace and making people feel like they’re taking a trip “away” without having to go “too far.”  Many people tell us that it takes them back when they were kids in a one-stop-light town, reminds people of all things less hustle and bustle, and more long drives on the back roads with adventure around every corner.

In this crazy time we’re living in, and while we’re spending much more time close to home, if you are like many folks, you may be feeling the cabin fever. Ready to roam but not quite comfortable yet but want to be able to get out and explore? Let’s be “tourists” in our own city, together.

Glen Rose has an incredible amount of activities for a city our size, so why not take advantage of all of your surroundings. Each week, we’ll focus on an attraction, activity, event or oddity that you can enjoy right here in Glen Rose. We hope you’ll join us and post your adventures. Sharing on social media? Use the #GoodInGlenRose so that we can share in the fun.

We’ll see you next week with our first Glen Rose adventure itinerary! We’d love your suggestions as well.

Stay tuned, and stay #GoodInGlenRose. Adventure Awaits!

Kristen Gibson is director of the Glen Rose Convention & Visitors Bureau.