GR hosts JV Invitational A Tourney

Emma Bozarth and Annie Bryant can't be stopped on their way to first place in girls' doubles of the JV Invitational A Tournament.

Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating, but JV Tiger Tennis managed to host its JV Invitational A Tournament March 3.

"It was wonderful to get the tournament in after it rained earlier in the day and we had to dry the courts out," said coach Gregger Yeager. "It wasn't ideal conditions, but for a lot of kids it was their first-ever tennis tournament, and they still managed to find success."

In girls' doubles, the freshman tandem of Emma Bozarth and Annie Bryant won first place. After a bye, they beat Walnut Springs (8-3), Comanche (8-1) and then Eastland (8-0).

"Annie and Emma showed a lot of tenacity and improvement in this tourney alone," Yeager said. "I honestly believe that their opponents got progressively harder, but their scores were actually better as the tournament went on. It was very impressive to watch them throughout the tournament, and they communicated well."

The freshman duo of Emily Darby and Briley Bason placed third. They defeated Walnut Springs (8-2) and Comanche (8-3), lost to Eastland (1-8) and then beat Comanche (8-4).

"Emily and Briley are both freshmen, so to see them take third was awesome," Yeager said. "They battled, and you could tell they were having fun. They bounced back against a good Comanche team to win third."

In mixed doubles, Emileigh Cantwell and Corbin Boyd placed second. They beat Walnut Springs (8-4) and Comanche (8-5) before a loss to Springtown (2-8).

"Emileigh and Corbin were a last-minute pairing, but they managed to place second out of six teams," the coach said. "It was very impressive to see that adaptability. They were tied 5-5 with Comanche and pulled out a hard-fought win."

In girls' singles, Brittany Rosentreter finished second. She beat Walnut Springs (8-0) and Comanche (8-0) before a loss to Eastland (4-8).

"Brittany earned a couple of nice victories," Yeager said. "She played well in the championship match and is a fierce competitor, which is good to see. She should be able to improve pretty quickly."

Daisy Pena finished third. She defeated Springtown (8-2), lost to Eastland (1-8) and then beat Comanche (8-6).

"Daisy has a heart of gold and is a joy to coach," Yeager said. "I'm glad she's winning and it was great to see her place in this tournament."

Ashlyn Reynolds beat Walnut Springs (8-2), lost to Eastland (4-8), beat Walnut Springs (6-1) and lost to Eastland (3-6).

In boys' singles, Jacob Locke finished third. He defeated Springtown (8-5), lost to a different Springtown foe and then beat Taylor Westbrook of Glen Rose (8-2).

"It's tough to play your own teammate for third, but Jacob pulled off a nice win there to be successful," the coach said.

Westbrook defeated Walnut Springs (8-0) and Springtown (8-3) before losses to a different Springtown opponent (1-8) and Locke (2-8) to place fourth.

The JV Tigers will be back in action March 19 at the Iredell Tournament in Waco.

"Hopefully these players head up to the courts over spring break and work on their game," Yeager said.