JV Lady Tigers host Venus, Tolar

TYE CHANDLER sports@theglenrosereporter.com
Madi Baker is one of four players with hits against both Venus and Tolar.

Though their Glen Rose Tournament couldn't be played in full due to weather, the JV Lady Tigers still got some action in March 7.

Glen Rose defeated Venus and then battled Tolar to a tie.

In a 13-8 win over Venus, Glen Rose (1-1-1) scored the five-run max in two of three at bats.

"We're doing great offensively, and we have a lot of girls who can hit the ball and are good at running bases," said coach Carrie Lytle. "We have two new pitchers who aren't feeling as comfortable as we'd like them to be, so our opponents will score less as they continue to progress."

Gwyn Boyd drilled a triple and an in-the-park grand slam against Venus.

"That's good for Gwyn to have a game like that," Lytle said. "She stepped up there confidently for some great hits, looking calm and relaxed. I'm excited for her to get better each game."

Madalyn Smith hit two singles and an RBI.

"She is a new player for us, but she's very consistent to be a good contributor," Lytle said.

Other offensive contributors were Madi Baker (single), Madison Morgan (single) and Sasha Payne (RBI).

Morgan caught a line drive at shortstop to end the third inning, while centerfielder Payne caught a fly ball and fired it to Brynn Reynolds at second base for a double play in the third.

"That was a great catch for Sasha, and she showed improvement," Lytle said.

Boyd (2 IP, 5 K) and Kansas Simons (2 IP, 1 K) both pitched.

"Gwyn is getting better," Lytle said. "She's dealing with some hit batters, but as she develops more muscle memory, her accuracy will keep improving."

Glen Rose then tied Tolar 9-9. The Lady Tigers were up 5-1 after the first inning, but Tolar plated five in the second and Glen Rose needed to score two in its last at bat for the tie.

Hitters were Dawsyn Sharp (2-RBI single), Simons (RBI single), Boyd (RBI single), Smith (RBI single), Reynolds (RBI single), Morgan (single), Brynna Taylor (single) and Baker (single).

"Baker is a returning player who is very aggressive at the plate," Lytle said. "She loves to steal bases. Morgan is a freshman who plays with confidence and is being productive at the plate."

Pitchers were Boyd (1 IP) and Simons (2 IP, 1 K).

"The girls just need to keep working, and we'll get where we need to be," Lytle said.